Naoeban (直江版)

Naoeban is the Naoe edition of Chinese classic, 'Monzen' (Wen-hsuan, ancient Chinese poems), published by Kanetsugu NAOE, Karo (chief retainer) for the Uesugi clan, in 1607. The book was brought out at Yobo-ji Temple in Kyoto. It is apparently the first copper type printing in Japan. It consist of sixty volumes in total, made up of thirty-one books.

The original text was made in Southern Sung in 1158. The annotation by Li Shan was added to 'Wu Chen Zhu Wen Xuan' (Monzen annotated by five retainers) by Lu Yanji, Liu Liang, Zhang Xian, Lu Xiang, Li Zhouhan.
It is also called 'Naoeban Monzen' or 'Yobojiban Monzen.'
After the death of Kanetsugu, his wife, Osen no kata, republished it in 1625.

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