New thirty-six major poets (新三十六歌仙)

New thirty-six major poets is the name given to certain distinguished poets. It also refers to the name of the collection in which their excellent poems were compiled.

Following the example of the thirty-six major poets selected by FUJIWARA no Kinto, the new ones were selected with no overlapping, and so far there are two kinds of "new thirty-six major poets" as follows.

The ones selected by FUJIWARA no Mototoshi. Their names were handed down in the book of "Yakumomisho" under the group of 'New Thirty-six Poets,' but the pages were dispersed and lost.

The ones by unknown selectors. These ones were mainly from the poets whose poems were collected in "A New Version of Comprehensive National Poems" in the Kamakura period.

Generally speaking, 'new thirty-six major poets' refers to the latter ones which cover the representative thirty-six poets after Shin Kokin (New Collection of Ancient and Modern Poetry) until the middle of the Kamakura period such as Gotoba in and FUJIWARA no Hideyoshi/Hideto, and each poet's ten excellent poems were selected. It is unknown when the thirty-six poets were selected, but Imperial Prince Munetaka was called 'Kamakura Prince' in the book, which suggests that they were designated after his appointment to Shogun in 1252.

The poets taken up are as follows (the names and order are as they first appeared)

Gotoba in
Tsuchimikado in
Juntoku in
Abdicated Emperor (Gosaga in)
Rokujo no Miya Imperial Prince Masanari
Kamakura Imperial Prince Munetaka
Priest Second highest imperial rank Imperial Prince Dojo (Priest Imperial Prince Dojo)
Imperial Princess Shikishi
Gokyogoku Regent Grand Minister Yoshitsune (Yoshitsune KUJO)
Komyoho-ji Regent Grand Minister priest Michiie (Michiie KUJO)
Saionji Former Grand Minister priest Kintsune (Kintsune SAIONJI)
Gokoga Former Grand Minister Michiteru (MINAMOTO no Michiteru)
Tomikoji Grand Minister Saneuji (Saneuji SAIONJI)
Kamakura Minister of the Right Sanetomo (MINAMOTO no Sanetomo)
Kujo Inner Minister Motoie (Motoie KUJO)
Kinugasa Inner Minister Ieyoshi (FUJIWARA no Ieyoshi)
Priest Jichin (Jien)
Former Highest Priest Gyoi
Horikawa Dainagon (chief councilor of state) Michitomo (MINAMOTO no Michitomo)
Junior Middle Councilor Teika (FUJIWARA no Teika)
Hachijoin Takakura
High courtier Shunzei's wife
Lady Gotobain Kunaikyo
Sohekimonin no Shosho
Dainagon (chief councilor of state) Tameie (FUJIWARA no Tameie)
Councilor Masatsune (FUJIWARA no Masatsune)
Shosanmi (Senior Third Rank) Ietaka (FUJIWARA no Ietaka (Junii (Junior Second Rank))
Shosanmi (Senior Third Rank) Tomoie (FUJIWARA no Tomoie)
Okura-Kyo (Lord Treasurer) Ariie (FUJIWARA no Ariie)
Udaiben (Major Controller of the Right) Mitsutoshi Ason (FUJIWARA no Mitsutoshi)
Sakyo no Daibu (Master of the Eastern Capital Offices) Nobuzane (FUJIWARA no Nobuzane)
Sakone Gonnoshosho (Provisional Minor Captain of the Left Division of Inner Palace Guards) Tomochika (MINAMOTO no Tomochika)
Chamberlain Takasuke (FUJIWARA no Takasuke)
Former Governor of Tajima MINAMOTO no Ienaga Ason
KAMO no Chomei
FUJIWARA no Hideyoshi/Hideto

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