Shokushika wakashu (続詞花和歌集)

Shokushika wakashu is a personal collection of poetry in the late Heian Period. The compiler of the collection was Shoshiinoge (Senior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade) Taikotaigogu daijin (officer of the institution for serving to the grand empress dowager) FUJIWARA no Kiyosuke (1104 - 1177), and it was completed sometime after July 1165 (old lunar calendar (August 16, 1165)) but before the end of the year. It was meant to be the seventh imperial anthology following "Shika wakashu," but it didn't come true due to the death of Emperor Nijo (1143-1165) who gave the command.

Kiyosuke had been compiling anthologies of excellent poetry from his earlier years, and Emperor Nijo who was fond of waka (Japanese poetry) read Kiyosuke's works and ordered him to compile "Shokushika wakashu." Emperor Nijo passed away, however, while Kiyosuke was still revising the anthology, so he completed it as a personal collection of poetry. The title followed that of "Shikashu" compiled by Kiyosuke's father FUJIWARA no Akisuke on the command by the Retired Emperor Sutoku, but it resumed the structure of the Imperial anthology in 20 volumes. The greatest contributor to this anthology was the Retired Emperor Sutoku with 19 poems. Many poems in this anthology were selected in Imperial anthologies of later days, including "Senzai Wakashu" (Collection of Japanese Poems of a Thousand Years) and Shinkokin Wakashu (New Collection of Ancient and Modern Japanese Poetry).

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