Tenson-zoku (Tenson Tribe) (天孫族)

The Tenson-zoku (Tenson tribe) is a generic term for ancient powers that established the Yamato Dynasty, which appears in the Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters) and the Nihonshoki (The Chronicles of Japan) and which is told in Japanese mythology. 'The Shinsen Shojiroku' (New Selection and Record of Hereditary Titles and Family Names) defines "Tenson" as the offspring of Ame no Hoakari, a deity in Japanese myths. It mentions that the Imperial Family, the Mononobe clan and an ancient tribe of Hayato descended from the Tenson tribe.

The Tenson tribe descended from heaven to conquer Ashihara no nakakuni (literally, the Central Land of Reed Plains) in Kyushu region. Led by Emperor Jinmu they advanced east through Chugoku region to Kinki region. Vanquishing the ruling families across western Japan they established the Yamato dynasty (Wakoku) which was ruled by the Great King of Yamato (emperor). The dynasty expanded its power to Chubu and Kanto regions and developed into Japan as we know it today.

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