Tokonatsu (The Wild Carnation) (常夏)

Tokonatsu is one of the 54 chapters of "The Tale of Genji." It is the 26th chapter. The title of this chapter was derived from a wild carnation about which Hikaru Genji and Tamakazura composed waka poems.

The chapter concerns the summer when Hikaru Genji was 36.

In the height of summer, Genji, who was cooling himself at the Tsuridono (fishing pavilion) in the Rokujo-in Palace, asked the sons of the Minister of the Interior, who had come to visit Yugiri, about the illegitimate daughter (Omi no Kimi) recently taken into their residence. To no Chujo had been looking for Tamakazura, but instead had found Omi no Kimi, about whom Genji had heard an unsavory rumor. Genji also knew that To no Chujo had forbidden Kumoi no Kari from seeing Yugiri, so he made a cynical remark about his conduct. Tamakazura, who heard of their discord, was caught in the middle, worrying about when she could meet her real father, while Genji, who was teaching her to play the wagon (Japanese harp), became more and more attracted to her.

Meanwhile, the Minister of the Interior, was enraged when he heard the cynical remark that Genji had made. He visited Kumoi no Kari and gave her a scolding, while he was at a loss what to do with Omi no Kimi, who was not like a princess at all. He decided to have her go to his oldest daughter, Kokiden no nyogo, the Emperor's consort, to learn good manners, but a letter and a waka poem she sent to Kokiden were nonsensical, causing the court ladies to snigger in contempt.

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