Zoku Kojidan (続古事談)

"The Zoku Kojidan" is a collection of narratives complied during the early Kamakura period. The compiler is unknown. According to the Afterword, this collection was completed on June 14, 1219. Originally consisting of six volumes, it is presently missing the third volume. The collection contains 185 narratives.

Its structure follows the example of "The Kojidan" (a collection of narratives authored by MINAMOTO no Akikane between 1212 and 1215), and consists of the following volumes: 'The Rule of Right Based on Benevolence,' 'Loyalty,' (missing), 'Shrines and Temples,' 'Accomplishments,' and 'The Han Dynasty.'
Among these volume, only 'The Han Dynasty' does not exist in the "Kojidan." The stories and legends contained in this collection are originally from "The Chuyuki" (the Diary of FUJIWARA no Munetada), "The Choshuki" (the Diary of MINAMOTO no Morotoki), "The Chugaisho" (the Analects of FUJIWARA no Tadazane), "The Fukego" (the Analects of FUJIWARA no Tadamitsu), among others. Although "The Zoku Kojidan" shows similarity to "The Kojidan" in regard to the use of diaries and books of ancient practices and customs, "The Zoku Kojidan" uses Japanese Kana characters, and its stories tend to include teachings of Confucius. Since this work was complied during the eve of the Jokyu War, it has a strong tendency to respect old political systems, and to remonstrate Emperor Gotoba by preaching the ideal emperor.

In 1994, Izumi Shoin Publishing released "The Shoku Kojidan Chukai" (An Annotated Edition of the Zoku Kojidan), which is priced rather expensively.

"The Zoku Kojidan" (edited by Mitsutoshi HARIMA, etc.) was published by Ohfu Co., Ltd. in 2002, and the last volume of the series 'The Kojidan and The Zoku Kojidan, The New Japanese Classic Literature Compendium Edition 41' was published by Iwanami Shoten Publishers in 2005.

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