Abenomutsu no Nagamune (阿倍陸奥永宗)

ABENOMUTSU no Nagamune (years of birth and death unknown) was Gunji (local senior official) of Shibata County, Mutsu Province (present Miyagi Prefecture) in the 9th century. He was appointed to Ge-jugoinoge (Jugoinoge [Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade] given to persons outside Kyoto) in 862.

The March 15 of Jogan 11 (869) Section of "Nihon Sandai Jitsuroku" (sixth of the six classical Japanese history texts) reads that ABENOMUTSU no Nagamune, Shibata-gun Gon Dairyo (Provisional Chief Administrative Officer of Shibata County), together with OSAKABE no Sukune no Mototsugi, daiki (Commander-in-chief) of the Natori Garrison, was conferred Ge-jugoinoge. Prior to promotion, Nagamune had been created Ge-shohachiinojo (Senior Eighth Rank, Upper Grade, given to persons outside Kyoto). It can be assumed that Shibata County was part of areas, from which solders for the Natori Garrison were recruited. Other details about Nagamune are unavailable.

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