Anegakoji Akitomo (姉小路顕朝)

Akitomo ANEGAKOJI (1212 - October 19, 1266) was a Court noble who lived during the mid Kamakura period. His father was Sangi (councilor) Munefusa ANEGAKOJI, and his mother was the daughter of Sakyo no daibu (Master of the Eastern Capital Offices) FUJIWARA no Kiyonaga. His wife was the daughter of Sadataka NIJO. One of his children was Tadakata ANEGAKOJI.

Although he had a hard time when he was young because his father died of disease while being Sani (courtier without post), he was promoted thanks to the confidence of Michiie KUJO and the Retired Emperor Gosago after being promoted to Ushoben (Minor Controller of the Right) in 1238. Especially, Akitomo who served as denso (job title to relay message of court's people to Emperor) under the Retired Emperor Gosaga took the central role in the Retired Emperor Gosaga's government. He particularly gained the confidence of the Retired Emperor because he willingly took charge of negotiating a matter related to Enryaku-ji Temple on Mt. Hiei in which even Rokuhara Tandai (the office of shogunal deputy in Kyoto placed by the Kamakura shogunate) was reluctant to be involved, and resolved the matter. He ranked as Sangi (councilor) in 1248, and two years after that, he was promoted to Gon Chunagon (provisional vice-councilor of state). Akitomo who became Azechi (inspector of the provincial government) after that was promoted to Chunagon (vice-councilor of state) in 1262, and to Gon Dainagon (provisional chief councilor of state) in 1265. The above promotion was exceptional and proved that his status as the closest adviser to the Retired Emperor Gosato was recognized publicly because no other person in the Akimoto's line had been promoted to Gon Dinagon. However, he fell ill soon after that, and he entered into priesthood in the following year, and then died as-is.

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