Fujiwara no Michishige (藤原通重)

FUJIWARA no Michishige (year of birth and death unknown) was a retainer of the Imperial Court during the late Heian period. He was the second son of the Okura-kyo (Minister of the Treasury) FUJIWARA no Michimoto. His mother was a Joseimoninichijo (a wet nurse of Joseimonin) who was Taikenmonin's nyogo (court lady) and daughter of the Okura-kyo (Minister of the Treasury) MINAMOTO no Morotaka. Among his children was Yoshiyasu ICHIJO. He was awarded the rank of Jushiinojo (Junior Fourth Rank, Upper Grade) and appointed as Tanba no kuni no kami (Governor of Tanba Province). He was the founder of the Ichijo family of Nakamikado-ryu (Nakamikado lines), and his name can also be written as '一条通重' (Ichijo Michishige).

Michishige's name was originally Nagamoto. Although he was in position to be the Michimoto heir due to his brother's premature death, Michishige also died early during the Hogen era. The origin of the family name Ichijo came from the residence owned by Michishige's mother as a Joseimoninichijo in Ichijo-Muromachi. After Michishige died, his orphaned son Yoshiyasu was adopted by his mother and inherited the residence. Later in life, Yoshiyasu performed a crucial function between the court and the newly commenced Kamakura bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun), and he was promoted to the rank of Junii (Junior Second Rank) with the post of Gon Chunagon (provisional vice-councilor of state).

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