Fujiwara no Michitsuna (藤原道綱)

FUJIWARA no Michitsuna (955 - November 8, 1020) was a noble of the mid Heian period. His father was a Sessho (regent), FUJIWARA no Kaneie. His mother was a daughter of FUJIWARA no Tomoyasu, and the author of 'Kagero Nikki' (The Gossamer Year). His wives include the daughter of MINAMOTO no Masanobu and the daughter of MINAMOTO no Yorimitsu. His children include FUJIWARA no Kanetsune, Domyo, FUJIWARA no Hoshi (Saisho no kimi).

He was considered mediocre, and his rival, FUJIWARA no Sanesuke, abusively described him as a 'total illiterate (a person who does not know anything)' in Shoyuki (the diary of FUJIWARA no Sanesuke). It is also mentioned that Michitsuna could not read anything more than the Kanji (Chinese characters) used in his own name, even in his forties. It said that he did not have the political talent, seen in his father or brothers, nor the literature talent in his mother, and his career progress was very slow. However, at an incident which resulted in the Emperor Kazan being ordained, with his older brother FUJIWARA no Michitaka, he contributed to his father's Sessho inauguration by transporting the three sacred emblems of the imperial family from Seiryoden (Literally "Limpid Cool Hall," an imperial summer palace) to his father's residence. After that, since he was close to his half-brother, FUJIWARA no Michinaga (also brother-in-law due to their wives being sisters), he reaped the benefit of Michinaga's influence.

The description of Michitsuna in 'Kagero Nikki' also states that he was too quiet and timid a character, even from his mother's point of view. However he was a toxophilite, and she wrote about the episode of Michitsuna's as a boy who lead his team to draw in the archery competition at the royal court when the Migikata (right team) were losing until Michitsuna's turn.

970: Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade).

986: Kurodo (Chamberlain).

987: Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank). 991: Sangi (Royal Advisors). April, 996: Chunagon (Vice-Councilor of State). December, 996: Ukone no Daisho (Major Captain of the Right Division of Inner Palace Guards). 997: Togu no Fu (Head Tutor of Crown Prince) after Dainagon (Chief Councilor of State).

1011: When the Emperor Sanjo was crowned, Michitsuna became Chugu Daibu (Master of the Consort's Household), then later became Kotaigogu Daibu (Master of the Grand Empress Dowager's Household).

October, 1020: Entered the priesthood. Soon deceased.

After he passed away, he was awarded the Shonii (Senior Second Rank).

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