Fujiwara no Muneyoshi (藤原宗能)

FUJIWARA no Muneyoshi (1083 ~ February 1170) was a court noble of the latter half of Heian period. His real name was Munetaka. He was a son of FUJIWARA no Munetada and his mother was a daughter of Mino no kami (Governor of Mino Province), FUJIWARA no Yukifusa. He had brothers-uterine, FUJIWARA no Munenari and FUJIWARA no Muneshige. His wives were a daughter of Sadaiben (Major controller of the left), FUJIWARA no Tametaka and a daughter of Chunagon (vice-councilor of state), FUJIWARA no Nagazane, etc. and he had children, FUJIWARA no Munechika, FUJIWARA no Nariyoshi, and FUJIWARA no Muneie and Takayo, so on. He was called Nakamikado naidaijin.

In January 1097, he received Joshaku (conferring a peerage) from Chugu (the second consort of an emperor) (Imperial Princess Tokushi.)
The next year he celebrated his attainment of manhood together with his younger brother Munenari. He successively filled the posts of Echizen no kami (Governor of Echizen Province), Goi no kurodo (Kurodo with the fifth rank), Omi no suke (Assistant governor of Omi Province) and Deputy General of Imperial Guard of the Right and so on, and in October 1130, he was appointed to Kurodo no to (Head Chamberlain) and the next year in 1131, he became a Sangi (councilor) and after that the promotion continued to the post of Naidaijin (the Minister of the center) in 1161. As a Giseikan (Legislature), he held the posts of Chugu (FUJIWARA no Seishi) Gon no daibu (Provisional master of the Consort's Household), Uhyoe no kami (Captain of the Right Division of Middle Palace Guards), Uemon no kami (Captain of the Right Division of Outer Palace Guards), Kebiishi no betto (Superintendent of the Imperial Police), and Kotaigo gu (FUJIWARA no Seishi) no daibu (Master of the Empress Dowager's Household) and so on at the same time. Meanwhile, in 1156 when he held the post of Gon Dainagon (Provisional chief councilor of state), he advised the Cloistered Emperor Toba, who was seriously ill, to prepare in advance for the disturbance that could be expected to follow his death (in the entry of "Gukansho").

In 1164, he submit a letter to ask for the promotion of his son Muneie to the rank of Shosanmi (Senior Third Rank.)
In June 1168, he entered into priesthood. In February 1170, he died at the age of 88.
As he had a residence at Nakamikado-oji Street, he was called the Nakamikado naidaijin, and it is known that he kept a diary titled "Chinaiki" (his diary: the title is abbreviation of his nickname.)
And his father Munetada categorized his own diary "Chuyuki" to parts for Muneyoshi, and they were compiled in the part of government business of "Zoku-Gunsho Ruiju (The Library of Historical Documents, Continued)" as "Kugenburui (word category)."

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