Fujiwara no Nagate (藤原永手)

FUJIWARA no Nagate (714 to March 15, 771) was a politician during the Nara period. He was the second son of Sangi (councilor) FUJIWARA no Fusasaki. He was Senior First Rank Minister of the Left, and was posthumously raised to the post of High Chancellor. He was called the Nagaoka Minister.


He was born as the second son of FUJIWARA no Fusasaki, who was the originator of the Northern House of the Fujiwara clan. However, because the eldest son FUJIWARA no Ukai died young, he was substantially the eldest son of the Northern House of the Fujiwara clan, and was promoted to important positions by Emperor Koken.

He was assumed to be in confrontation against FUJIWARA no Nakamaro. In AD 757 when Funado no Okimi deposed Crown Prince, he, together with FUJIWARA no Toyonari, recommended Prince Shioyaki as the Crown Prince of Emperor Koken.
(After all, Prince Oi [later Emperor Junnin] who was the favorite of Nakamaro became Crown Prince)
On August 25 AD 758, during the Daijokan (Grand Council of State)'s conference amendment of official posts by Nakamaro, he was the only absent giseikan (legislative official). After Nakamaro gripped full powers of the court, he was with ISHIKAWA no Toshitari or FUNYA no Kiyomi and became the third rank in Daijokan (Grand Council of State), but was placed politically in a misfortune situation. In the Rebellion of Emi no Oshikatsu, he participated actively on sides with Emperor Koken and Dokyo. After Dokyo's political power was established and Minister of the Right Toyonari died in AD 765, he kept his position of the highest rank high court noble in Daijokan (Grand Council of state).

In the Crown Prince postmortem problem of Emperor Shotoku (Emperor Koken), he was in rivalry with KIBI no Makibi who supported FUNYA no Kiyomi from Emperor Tenmu 's series and later his younger brother FUNYA no Ochi. With the brothers FUJIWARA no Yoshitsugu, FUJIWARA no Momokawa of the Fujiwara Shikike (a sub branch of Fujiwara family), he endeavored for the support of Shirakabe no okimi (later Emperor Konin) from Emperor Tenchi's series. Moreover, in recent years, there is a theory that says the Crown Prince overcame the opposition of Yoshitsugu and others who supported Imperial Prince Yamanobe (later Emperor Kammu) and enthroned Imperial Prince Osabe.

Brief Personal History
In 737, he became Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade.

In 749, he became Junior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade.

In 750, he became Junior Fourth Rank, Upper Grade.

In 752, he became Guide of Tai (Japan).

In 754, he became Junior Third Rank.

In 754, he became Taikotaigogu daijin (officer of the institution for serving to the grand Empress dowager) for making hill grave for the death.

In 756, he became the funeral ceremony master and clothes coordinator when Emperor Shomu passed away.

In 756, he became Capital Bureau and Palace staff of Ministry of Central Affairs.

In 757, he became Middle Counselor.

In 760, he became the clothes coordinator when Empress Dowager Komyo (Nisho) passed away.

In 763, he served for Hyobusho (Ministry of Military) (the Ministry of Ceremonial).

In 764, he became Senior Third Rank Major Counselor during the Rebellion of Fujiwara no Nakamaro.

In 765, he became Order of Second Class because of his achievement in repression of the rebellion.

In 765, he became the director official who handled important rituals.

In 766, he became Junior Second Rank, Minister of the Right, Senior Second Rank.

In 766, he became Minister of the Left when Dokyo was appointed the Pope.

In 769, he became Junior First Rank.

In 769, he had jurisdiction over the Headquarters of the Inner Palace Guards, Gaiefu(guard)and Right Division of Middle Palace Guards, because of Emperor Koken's sickness.

In 770, when Emperor Shotoku passed away, he compromised with Minister of the Right KIBI no Makibi and enthroned Shirakabe no okimi as Emperor Konin. Nagate was promoted as Senior First Rank.

On February 21, 771, he passed away of sickness at the age of 58. He was postmortem awarded as Grand Minister of state.

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