Fujiwara no Naritsune (藤原成経)

FUJIWARA no Naritsune (birth year unknown - April 20, 1202) was a court noble during the Heian period. He was the son of FUJIWARA no Narichika.
He served Emperor Goshirakawa, holding the posts of Ukonenoshosho (major general of the inner palace guard, right division) and Tanba no kami (Governor of Tanba Province), and was called the Tanbashosho (Major General of Tanba)

In 1177, his father, FUJIWARA no Narichika, conspired to overthrow the Taira family with Saiko and Shunkan, personal attendants to the Emperor, at a mountain villa in Shishigatani. The plot was uncovered, however, because of an anonymous tip (Conspiracy at Shishigatani).

TAIRA no Kiyomori decided to capture all of the people involved (and their immediate family members); however, Kiyomori's younger brother, TAIRA no Norimori (a.k.a. Kadowaki Saisho), was Naritsune's father-in-law. Norimori begged Kiyomori in Rokuhara, and he gave his permission to hold Naritsune temporarily in the residence of Norimori. The "Tale of Heike" describes the scene of Naritsune bemoaning bad fortune with his pregnant wife, and Norimori pleading to Kiyomori to spare the life of his son-in-law.

When the punishments were decided, Saiko, who had led the conspiracy, was beheaded, and Narichika was exiled to Bizen Province (and later murdered). Naritsune was also exiled to Bicchu Province, and thereafter, exiled to Kikaiga-shima Island in Satsuma Province along with Shunkan and TAIRA no Yasuyori.

In 1178, pleading by Norimori led to him receiving amnesty for prayer for safe delivery for TAIRA no Tokuko, Chugu (Emperor's wife), and he was able to return to Kyoto with Yasuyori. At that time, only Shunkan was not pardoned, and he remained on the island and died miserably.

After returning to Kyoto, he was appointed kurodonoto (chief of the palace officer) in 1185, sangi (royal advisor) in 1190, and kotaigo gu no daibu (Officer of the Empress's quarters) in 1194.

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