Fujiwara no Shigetaka (藤原重隆)

FUJIWARA no Shigetaka (1076 - 1118) was a retainer of Imperial Court in the late Heian period. He was from the Kajuji line of the Northern House of the Fujiwara clan and he was the third son of Sangi (Councilor) FUJIWARA no Tamefusa. His mother was a daughter of MINAMOTO no Yorikuni. His half-brothers on the mother's side were FUJIWARA no Tametaka and FUJIWARA no Akitaka. He was ranked at Uemon Gon no suke (provisional assistant captain of the Right Division of Outer Palace Guards), Chugu taijo (Senior Secretary in the Office of the Consort's Household).

He served as Kurodo (Chamberlain) in the Court of Emperor Horikawa, and Tenjobito (a high-ranking courtier allowed into the Imperial Palace) for Emperor Shirakawa. He was active as a government official with deep insight, and wrote "Horaisho" (a book on ancient practices of Tenjobito) and "Unzusho" (a book on court rules of ceremonies and etiquettes). On the other hand, both praises and censures were also given to him, for example, when he died he was described as 'because of the darkness of his mind, he had the misfortune' in "Chuyuki" (diary of FUJIWARA no Munetada). In "Kokon Chomon ju" (A Collection of Tales Heard, Past and Present), it was told that after his death he served in the office of Enma (the King of Hell). He had no hair, and he adopted his younger brother Chikataka and others.

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