Fujiwara no Sukekimi (藤原輔公)

FUJIWARA no Sukekimi (year of birth and death unknown) was a noble during the mid Heian period. He was related to Uona line of the Northern House of the Fujiwara clan. He was the grandson of Sangi (councilor) FUJIWARA no Yasuchika. A son of Bitchu no kami (Governor of Bitchu Province) FUJIWARA no Kiyomichi. Jushii (Junior Fourth Rank), Uma no kami (Captain of the Right Division of Bureau of Horses). Between 1017 and 1020, he served as Yamato no kami (Governor of Yamato Province).


FUJIWARA no Sukekimi, who was Kokushi (Governor) of Yamato Province between 1004 and 1013, coerced FUJIWARA no Kiyokado, who had not paid his land tax, although he was the landlord of shoen (manor) across Yamashiro Province, Yamato Province and Iga Province, into paying nengu (land tax) by gathering cats that Kiyokado feared. However, it is not certain whether this anecdote is in fact a true story nor is about real-life FUJIWARA no Sukekimi.

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