Gyojin (尭尋)

Gyojin (year of his birth is not clear - 1412 ?) was a Buddhist monk cum waka poet in the period of the Northern and Southern courts (Japan) to the mid-Muromachi period. He belonged to Nikaido clan, a samurai family. His grandfather was Tona, who was one of Waka Shitenno (The Four Heavenly Kings of Waka). His father was Keiken, a Buddhist monk cum waka poet. His son Gyoko was also a Buddhist monk cum waka poet.

He resided at Jokoin, Ninna-ji Temple and was conferred Gon dai sozu (the provisional second highest position, upper grade, of priest). He was also called Gyoa and it has been handed down that he died in 1412. Along with his grandfather and father, Gyojin was a waka poet who succeeded the tradition of Nijo school and his waka poems were selected in chokusen wakashu (the anthology of Japanese poetry compiled by the Imperial order) such as Shingoshui Wakashu (New Later Collection of Gleanings of Japanese poetry).

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