Gyoko (尭孝)

Gyoko (1391 - August 26, 1455) was a priest and waka poet in the middle of the Muromachi period. He was from Nikaido clan, a samurai family. His father was Gyojin, a priest and waka poet. He was a great-grandchild of Tona, one of The Four Heavenly Kings of Waka. One of his adopted sons was Gyoken and his disciples included Gyoe and Kinyasu SANJONISHI.

He succeeded an Office of Waka from his grandfather's generation and kept it. He became the leading waka poet in the Nijo school of poetry and was the rival of Seigan Shotetsu of Reizei school. In 1433, he was appointed Deputy Chief of the office to compile Imperial poetic anthology. He selected 'Shinshoku Kokin Wakashu' (NEW Collection of Ancient and Modern Japanese Poetry Continued).

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