Izumisawa Hisahide (泉沢久秀)

Hisahide IZUMISAWA (year of birth unknown - March 1615) was a military commander and a vassal of the Uesugi family during the Warring States period. He went by the name of Matagoro or Kawachi no kami (the governer of Kawachi Province). His wife was a daughter of Shigemoto OZAKI.

He served Kagekatsu UESUGI as an attendant from the troupe of vassals of the Ueda family from the early days. After Kagekatsu succeeded the property of the Uesugi family subsequently to the battle of Otate, Hisahide was entrusted with important jobs, especially in financial affairs. In 1588, Hisahide went up to Kyoto accompanying Kagekatsu and stayed there for a while. It is known that he formed a friendship with a court noble Harutoyo KAJUJI. In 1592, he entered Nagoya-jo Castle in Hizen Province to take part in the Battles of Bunroku and Keicho.
In 1598, when the domain of the Uesugi family was transferred to Aizu, Hisahide was appointed a keeper of Arato-jo Castle (in present Yamagata Prefecture) and the military governor in Wakamatsu, granted the land capable of producing 11,000 koku of rice (1 koku weighs about 150 kg of rice.)
In later years, Hisahide served Kanetsugu NAOE.. As Hisahide did not have an heir, the fief of the Izumisawa family was forfeited after his death.

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