Katsuragawa Hoshu (桂川甫周)

Hoshu KATSURAGAWA (1826 - September 25, 1881) was a doctor and Dutch scholar. His name was Kunioki and commonly called as Hoshu.

His father was Hoken the sixth, and he had a daughter, Mine IMAIZUMI (a novelist who wrote "Nagori no Yume").

A great achievement

Hoshu proofread and revised "Doeff-Halma Dictionary" (通布字典, completed in 1833) by Hendrik Doeff, the curator of Dutch trading house, the Kapitan, who compiled this dictionary with reference to François Halma's "Dutch-French Dictionary" (1729) which was published before, and issued "Waran Jii" (Japanese-Dutch Dictionary) in two volumes, first volume was published in 1855, and second one was published in 1858. This dictionary which contained 90,000 words was top grade as a full-scale Japanese-Dutch Dictionary in Edo Period, and made a major influence on the later dictionaries as the basis of parallel translation dictionary.

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