Ki no Mahito (紀真人)

KI no Mahito (747 - September 27, 805) was a low to medium rank government official during the early Heian period. His grandfather was the Chunagon (vice-councilor of state) KI no Maro. His father was KI no Hirona.

Mahito died at the age of 59 on September 27, 805. The final rank he achieved was Jushiinoge (Junior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade) in the post of Hitachi no kuni no kami (the governor of Hitachi Province). According to his obituary, he was 'mild-minded and endowed with literary talent' ("Nihonkoki" (Anthology of historical events collected by Imperial command, article from the twenty-seventh day of the eighth month in the twenty-fourth year of Enryaku (September 27, 805)).

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