Kiyouchi no Oyuki (清内雄行)

KIYOUCHI no Oyuki (808-June 29, 882) was a government official who lived during the early Heian period.
His kabane (hereditary title) was 'Sukune.'
He was from Shiki County, Kawachi Province. His original surname was 'KAWACHI no Ikimi,' but he was later conferred the surname 'KIYOUCHI no Sukune'. He was a government official from overseas and was believed to have been a Confucian based on recorded that he gave to Emperor Montoku lectures on Kokyo (The book of Filial Piety). On June 29, 882, he passed away while still active as the Jugoinoge Tanbano kuni no Suke (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade, Assistant Governor of Tanba Province).

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