Kakei (夏珪)

Kakei (year of birth and death unknown) is a painter in the era of Southern Sung Dynasty. His azana (nickname) was Ugyoku. He was regarded as the leading painter of intaiga (a type of Chinese painting associated with the Imperial Court Academy) at that time.

He was from Rinan (Hangzhou City). He took an active role at the gain (art institution) in Hangzhou, the capital of Southern Sung, during the era of Neiso (Sung). His works of sansui-ga (Chinese-style landscape painting) are famous in particular. While landscape paintings in the era of Northern Sung were the ones that painted landscape from a broad viewpoint, Kakei's paintings were the ones that painted landscape only at the corner of canvas and leaving the big blank space ("Henkaku no Kei" [drawing method of landscape painting]).

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