Hirohashi Kanehide (広橋兼秀)

Kanehide HIROHASHI (1506-September 17, 1567) was a kuge (court noble) during the Sengoku period (period of warring states). His father was Morimitsu HIROHASHI. Among his children was Kunimitsu HIROHASHI.

He was conferred a peerage of Jugoi (Junior Fifth Rank) in 1510. Later, he was appointed to Kurodo no to (Head Chamberlain) and an official of the Oversight Department (division of the daijokan responsible for controlling central and provincial governmental offices,) and Shoshii Sangi (Senior Fourth Rank, Councilor) in 1535. In the following year, he was promoted to Jusanmi Chunagon (Junior Third Rank, Associate Chief of the Councilor of State). In 1542, he was promoted to Junii Dainagon (Junior Second Rank, Chief councilor of state), however, he gave the post to his son Kunimitsu in the following year. Later in 1557, he was designated Naidaijin (Minister of the Interior), however, he soon retired. He died in 1567.

He also worked as a buke tenso (liaison officers between the imperial court and the military government), and he left the capital for Suo no kuni (Suo Province) to see Yoshitaka OUCHI in 1536. He also worked as a Kamo denso (Kamo shrine messenger to Emperor) and a Kasugasai Shokei (master of ceremonies, Kasugasai).

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