Ogimachi Kinaki (正親町公明)

Kinaki OGIMACHI (May 7, 1744-November 5, 1813) was kuge (a court noble) in the late Edo Period. His father was Sanetsura OGIMACHI. His mother was a daughter of Toyotada HIROHATA, naidaijin (minister of the center). He was originally named 公功.

He became Kurodo no to (head chamberlain) in 1765, Sangi (councilor) in 1768, and Dainagon (a chief councilor of state) in 1779. From the following year, 1780, he successively held the posts of In no hyojoshu (the retired emperors judicial council) and Indenso (job title to relay messages of court people to the retired emperor). He became Buke tenso (a liaison officer between the imperial court and the samurai family) in 1791. In the following year, 1792, however, he was expelld from his post to take responsibility for Songo ikken (Songo Incident; incident that Emperor Kokaku tried to give Imperial Prince Sukehito: the Emperor's natural father, daijo-tenno-go [name of the retired emperor], but bakufu [Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun] denied that). In 1803, he left service of Emperor Gosakuramachi's In no betto (chief administrator of the Retired Emperor's Office), entered the priesthood, and called himself 竟空.

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