Anegakoji Kinkage (姉小路公景)

Kinkage ANEGAKOJI (October 26, 1602 - January 21, 1652) was a court noble in the early Edo period. His father was Saneaki ANO and mother was a daughter of Kaneharu YOSHIDA. His official court rank was Sangi (councilor), Junii Dainagon (Junior Second Rank, Chief Councilor of State).

In 1613, he restored the Anegakoji family that had been extinguished for nearly 300 years since the Muromachi period. His Karoku (hereditary stipend) was 200 koku. In 1632, he became a Sangi. Died in 1651.

He had two sons, Sanemichi ANEGAKOJI and Sanetane KAZAHAYA. Sanemichi succeeded to the headship of the Anegakoji family and Sanetane established the Kazahaya family. He had several daughters, one of which became the legal wife of Muneoki DATE, who was the heir of Munekatsu DATE, and in connection with Date Sodo (the Date family disturbance) she was left to the care of the Yoshida clan in Iyo Province.

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