Hattori Masahide (服部正栄)

Masahide HATTORI (date of birth and death unknown) was a busho (Japanese military commander) and a daimyo (Japanese feudal lord) in Azuchi-Momoyama period.
He was a Tosa no kami (the governor of Tosa Province.)

He was from Nakamura, Owari Province, where Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI was born, and became Hideyoshi's umamawarishu (horse guards.)
The time he served Hideyoshi was unknown.
He took a part in campaigns of Odawara no eki (the Siege of Odawara), and Bunroku Keicho no eki (the Bunroku-Keicho War.)
At the time of the Siege of Odawara, he departed as the horse guards with his 130 soldiers, and was given additional properties of 266 koku (crop yields) in Gamo Country of the Omi Province. Then, he became Taiko-Kenchi survey magistrate, and in 1598, he was given additional properties of 5800 koku and became the feudal lord of Echizen Province and Omi province of ten thousand koku together with his former territory. Nagauji MIZOE and Nagazane ITO, who were in the same magistrate position, were also given additional properties by one thousand and became the feudal lords.

In the Battle of Sekigahara, Masahide HATTORI belonged to the West squad and defended Korai-bashi Bridge in Osaka in cooperation with Nagakatsu FUJIKAKE. Then, he defended around Osaka-jo Castle as rusui (keeper [official post in the Edo era]) and garrison of the Osaka-jo Castle. He forfeited his position and properties (Kaieki) after the war, and served Hideyori TOYOTOMI. He held the castle as the besieged in Osaka no Eki (the Siege of Osaka) but lost the war, and was placed under Toshitsune MAEDA's (the Lord of Kaga Domain) supervision. He died in Kaga during Genna era.

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