Hojo Nakatoki (北条仲時)

Nakatoki HOJO (1306- June 29, 1333) was a Rokuhara Commissioner during the latter stages of the Kamakura shogunate (Northern side). He was the son of Mototoki HOJO, the 13th Regent to the Shogun, and a member of the Hojo clan (Fuonji branch) which had split from the Gokurakuji branch of the Hojo clan. Had a son named Tomotoki HOJO.
Echigo no kami (Provincial Governor of Echigo) in Echigo no kuni (Echigo Province)


In 1330, he became Rokuhara Commissioner (Northern side). In 1331 during the Genko War he raised an army and laid siege to Mt. Kasagi (Kasagi-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto Prefecture), attacking Emperor Godaigo and banishing him to Oki no shima Island.

In 1333, while Godaigo ordered Takauji ASHIKAGA to raise an army and attack Rokuhara, Tokimasu HOJO the Rokuhara Commissioner (Southern side) together with Emperor Kogon and Emperor Hanazono escaped to the Eastern Provinces, but were attacked on the way in Omi Province (present day Shiga Prefecture) by brigands, and Tokimasu died in resulting the fight, and at Banba-toge (Banba Range) in the same province (present day Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture) Nakatoki was attacked by brigands for a second time. Then, with Doyo SASAKI's forces blocking the way, Nagatoki committed suicide at Renge-ji Temple at Banba (present day Yonehara City) together with 432 members of his family. The Emperor and Retired Emperor were captured by Doyo and sent back to Kyoto.

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