Higuchi Nobutaka (樋口信孝)

Nobutaka HIGUCHI (February 8, 1600 – August 18, 1658) was a court noble of the early Edo period. His family originated from the Takakura line of the Northern House of the Fujiwara clan. He was the second son of Chikatomo MINASE (a son of Nagaie TAKAKURA and the adopted son of Kanenari MINASE), and he founded the Higuchi family. His mother was a daughter of Mochitane CHUJO who had served the Hojo clan. His lawful wife was a daughter of Kanekatsu HIROHASHI. His brother Yasutane HORIKAWA founded the Horikawa family. His first son died at an early age; among his children, Nobuyasu HIGUCHI, Nobuyoshi CHUJO, Nobuhisa CHUJO (Shinsai), Ume who served Iemitsu TOKUGAWA as Joro (high rank female housekeeper in the inner Edo-jo Castle), Seiunin, and Kadenokoji (Shojuin) who became a concubine of Mitsutomo TOKUGAWA, are known. He was also called Taira. He served as Junii Sangi (councilor at junior second rank).

In 1652, he was raised to Junii (junior second rank), and later promoted to Sangi (councilor). On August 18, 1658, he died at the age of 60.

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