Ouchi Noriyuki (大内教幸)

Noriyuki Ouchi (1430 - February 14, 1472) was a member of the Ouchi clan. Child of Mochimori OUCHI. He was also said as a child of Morimi OUCHI. Also known as Doton.


In February 1470, right in the middle of the Onin War, Noriyuki OUCHI planned a rebellion against Masahiro OUCHI in Suo no kuni (Suo Prefecture, currently Yamaguchi Prefecture) who was away fighting in Kyoto at the time, getting on his side people including Takemori NAITO, Moriyasu NIHO, Nobuyori YOSHIMI and Kazukane SUFU, through Chikashige OTOMO and Katsumoto HOSOKAWA of the Eastern alliance which was attacking the family estate. They attacked Bingo no kuni (Bingo Province, currently part of Hiroshima Prefecture) however, they were defeated by the young Hiromori SUE, who had the role of rusuiyaku (a person representing the master during his absence) of Suo Prefecture and did not take up Noriyuki's invitation, and the following year Noriyuki committed suicide at his hideout at Umagatake Castle in Buzen Province.

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