Atkinson Robert William (ロバート・ウィリアム・アトキンソン)

Robert William ATKINSON was the British chemist who taught at Tokyo Kaisei School during the Meiji Period.

He stayed in Japan during September 9, 1874 - September 8, 1878 and February 3, 1879 - July 4, 1881 and he taught agricultural studies at Tokyo Kaisei School and Faculty of Science, University of Tokyo. He was well known for studying the brewing method of Sake (Japanese liquor). He also studied the dye and he saw a lot of clothes of the indigo dye in Japan, called them "Japan blue".

He went for mountain hiking with his friends, Dickson and Iwata NAKAZAWA in the summer of 1879. It is said that they traveled Tokyo, Jumonji-toge Pass, Mt. Yatsugatake, Mt. Ontake, Mt. Haku, Kanazawa, Toyama, Murodo, Mt. Tate, Kurobe-gawa River, Harinoki-toge Pass, and Omachi.

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