Shoin (the Tendai sect) (清胤 (天台宗))

Shoin (also called Seiin, 943 - June 13, 995) was a Buddhist priest of the Tendai sect and a waka poet in the Heian period. His father was OE no Asatsuna who reached the court title of Sangi (Royal Advisor).

After undergoing the ascetic practices at Enryaku-ji Temple on Mt. Hiei, Shoin settled in Settsu Province. In 989, he became Gon-Risshi (the 13th ranking Buddhist priest in the Tendai sect), and in the next year, he was promoted to Shosozu (the 8th ranking Buddhist priest in the Tendai sect). His two poems were selected into Shikashu (Collection of Verbal Flowers), and his one poem was selected into the appendix of the three-time edited Kinyo wakashu (Kinyo Collection of Japanese Poems).

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