Karasuma Suketo (烏丸資任)

Suketo KARASUMA (1417 - January 23, 1483) was a court noble during the Muromachi period. A favorite retainer of the eighth shogun of the Muromachi Shogunate Yoshimasa ASHIKAGA. The child of Toyomitsu KARASUMA. His appellative was Renkoin. Suketo had a biological child Masumitsu KARASUMA and an adopted child Fuyumitsu KARASUMA.

In 1444, Suketo was appointed as Sangi (councilor) and, in 1458, was awarded the rank of Juichii (Junior First Rank) as well as Jun-daijin (Vice Minister). In 1467, Suketo entered the priesthood and took up the Buddhist name of Seiyo. In 1482, Suketo died at age 66.

Along with Imamairi no tsubone (also known as Oima) and Mochiie ARIMA, Suketo was a leading figure in the shogunate at one point and these three were referred to as 'sanma' (three demons), three persons with their names containing the letter 'ma' (demon) such as Oima, Karasuma and Arima).

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