Kawakami Tadae (川上忠兄)

Tadae KAWAKAMI (1559 - May 3, 1622) was a busho (Japanese military commander) from the Sengoku period (period of warring states) to the Edo period
A vassal of the Shimazu clan. Shirobe. Kyuzo. Oinosuke (vice-minister of Bureau of Palace Kitchens under the Ministry of the Imperial Household).
The second son of Tadatomo KAWAKAMI. Sado KAWAKAMI and Gorobe KAWAKAMI are his sons.


September 30, 1576, he was promoted to the jito (manager and lord of manor) of Kobayashi at the age of 18; it was several days after the victory celebration, held at the Kobayashi-jo Castle, for taking the Ito clan's Kakahara-jo Castle. He reportedly served for about two years and then returned to Iino-jo Castle where Yoshihiro SHIMAZU resided.

In 1587, when Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI went for conquest of Kyushu, Tadaeis entered the Kobayashi-jo Castle to intercept Hidenaga TOYOTOMI's army.

He served meritoriously in the 'War in Korea' from 1592, along with his younger brother Hisatomo KAWAKAMI. In 1599, he was not able to participate in 'Shonai War' because he was attacked with smallpox. However, he served as a consultant by Masachika KAMATA's request.

He also served in the 'Battle of Sekigahara' in 1600. When Tadae passed the enemy line and escaped, his hikan (low-level bureaucrat), Gento KASHIWAGI, shoot Naomasa II and threw off the horse.

After that, he separated from the Shimazu's force, which was returning to Satsuma Province, and went to Ieyasu TOKUGAWA as an envoy, under the order from Yoshihiro. There, he splendidly spoke about the details how Shimazu's force took sides with the Western Camp. Then, he left his own armor behind.
Tokugawa's retainers saw it and laughed, 'He has forgotten armor just because he was in a hurry.'
However, Ieyasu reportedly told them as follows. In wartime, it is hard to tell whether it is true. He left the armor as evidence so that he might not be suspected whether the mission was truly accomplished.
He is a person of brilliant skill in military affairs.'
Although the task was achieved with no problems, because he fell behind Shimazu's party he relied on the Konoe family and returns to Satsuma. Then Tadae was promoted to Yoshihiro's chief retainer.

On May 3, 1622 he died of an illness in a villa in Chosa, Aira-cho.
His posthumous Buddhist name is 'Joomotokiyo koji.'
His tomb is located in Shingaku-ji Temple, Chousa Ryuugamizu.

Moreover, his legitimate son, Sado KAWAKAMI was burned at the stake for being a Christian. However, in consideration of Tadae's achievements, his second son, Gorobe, was allowed be a successor to the family, and Tadae's Kawakami family had not died out.

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