Anegakoji Tadakata (姉小路忠方)

Tadakata ANEGAKOJI (1241 - January 19, 1283) was a Court noble who lived during the mid Kamakura period. His father was Gon Dainagon (provisional chief councilor of state) Akitomo ANEGAKOJI, and his mother was the daughter of Sadataka NIJO.

As his father was a trustworthy retainer of the Emperor Gosaga, Tadakata became Ushoben (Minor Controller of the Right) at the age of 18, and in 1268 after his father's death, he was promoted to Sangi (councilor) and served the Retired Emperor Gosaga as denso (job title to relay massages of court's people to Emperor). However, in 1271 three years after that, Tadakata who had been promoted to Shosanmi Gon Chunagon (Senior Third Rank provisional vice-chief councilor of the state) in the previous year fell behind Tsunetada NAKANOMIKADO who was also Shosanmi Gon Chunagon but ranked lower than him in the Imperial Court, due to an event that Tsunetada was conferred to the Junii (Junior Second Rank). Tadakata felt indignant because he was not getting well with Tsunetada, and he felt that the Retired Emperor Gosaga designated not Tadakata who was Akitomo's bereaved child but Tsunetada as the most trustworthy retainer after his father, Akitomo, died. Then, he returned Kai Province which was his chigyo-koku (provincial fiefdom), and resigned from the government post. Although it is considered that he committed this act to implicitly urge the Retired Emperor Gosaga to reconsider, his attempt incurred the Retired Emperor's wrath by contraries and resulted in his expulsion from the Imperial Court.

Disappointed Tadakata burned down the Anegakoji family documents handed down from their ancestors (in the court noble society, a loss of the family documents meant de facto extinction of family name), and went into priesthood, and then, died of disease at an early age of 42. As a result of this, the Anegakoji family of the Kajuji line ended.

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