Fujitani Tamekata (藤谷為賢)

Tamekata FUJITANI (September 8, 1593 - September 2, 1653) was Kuge (court noble) of the early Edo period. He is the ancestor of the Fujitani family. He was from the Kami Reizei family. He served the two emperors: Emperor Meisho (109th) and Emperor Gokomyo (110th).

He was born as the second son of Tamemitsu REIZEI (Gon Dainagon [a provisional chief councilor of state]). Tameyori REIZEI was his older brother. In 1606 he was appointed to Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) and reached manhood.

He was granted authorization to form a new branch of the Kami Reizei family under the name of FUJITANI: another surname of the founder of the family Tamesuke REIZEI. Later he served as Jiju (a chamberlain), Sakone no shosho (Minor Captain of the Left Division of Inner Palace Guards), Ukone no chujo (Middle Captain of the Right Division of Inner Palace Guards) and so on. In 1632 he moved up to Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank) and ranked among Kugyo (the top court officials). After that he served as Minbukyo (Minister of Popular Affairs), Sangi (councilor), Toka no sechie Geben (a kugyo who supervised many matters outside Jomei Gate at Toka no sechie [Imperial Court Ceremony]) and so on. He took office as Junii Gon Chunagon (Junior Second Rank provisional vice-councilor of state) in 1642, and resigned in 1645. He died in 1653 at the age of 61.

His children included Tamenaga FUJITANI, Tamekiyo REIZEI and Tokiyuki YAMASHINA.

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