Akizuki Tanetatsu (秋月種樹)

Tanetatsu AKIZUKI (November 28, 1833-October 17, 1904) was a Japanese politician at the end of the Edo period and in the Meiji period. He was the heir apparent of Takanabe Domain (Akizuki clan) of Hyuga Province. He was a member of the House of Peers, Sanyo (Councilor), and Jidoku (Imperial tutor) to the Emperor Meiji. He was good at poetry and was also known as a calligrapher.
His gago (pseudonym) was 'Koka.'

He was the third son of Tanetada AKIZUKI, the ninth lord of Takanabe Domain. His consort was a daughter of Mitsumasa KARASUMARU. His children were Taneshige AKIZUKI (eldest son) and Tanehide AKIZUKI (second son).

In 1862, Tanetatsu was assigned to bugyo (Commissioner) of Bakufu Gakumonjo (National College managed directly by bakufu), although his status was still heyazumi (second sons and younger who were in their adolescence and has yet to be independent from the family headed by the eldest son). In 1863, he also held the post of Wakadoshiyori (executive post for younger generations). As Akizuki clan was tozama daimyo (outside feudal lords) with 27,000 koku (fief), this appointment was unprecedented promotion by selection. In the same year, he became the heir of Tanetomi AKIZUKI, his older brother and the lord of the domain. In 1864, he stepped down from Bugyo. In 1867, he was appointed as Wakadoshiyori, but did not attend executive meetings and resigned from the post in a half year. After the Meiji Restoration, he served the Meiji government. He held various posts in a row such as the president of Kogisho (the lower house), an executive member of the Council of the Left, a councilor of Genroin (Chamber of Elders), and a member of the House of Peers. In July 1884, his eldest son, Taneshige, was created a baron.

In 1904, Tanetatsu died from illness. He died at the age of 71. He was created Junii (Junior Second Rank) Kun Nito (Second Order of Merit).

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