Nishinotoin Tokinao (西洞院時直)

Tokinao NISHINOTOIN (1584 – November 6, 1636) was a court noble who was active from Azuchi Momoyama Period to the early Edo period. He was the 27th head of the Nishinotoin family. His father was Tokiyoshi Nishinotoin. He was also called Tokioki.

He served as Junii Sangi (councilor at junior second rank)
He was a close adviser for Emperor Gomizunoo. He was the first son, and among his brothers and sisters, Tokitsune HIRAMATSU (the second son) who founded the Hiramatsu family, Yoshitada, Nichiyu, Tadayasu NAGATANI (the fifth son) who founded the Nagatani family, Tokisada KATANO (the sixth son) who founded the Katano family, and Gyoshi who served Tofukumonin as Joro (high rank female housekeeper), are known. His lawful wife was a daughter of Hideuji KAWAKATSU. Tokiyoshi NISHINOTOIN was his son, and his daughter Ayanokoji no tsubone served Tofukumonin as Joro. Other daughters are known as well: a daughter became the second wife of Masashige HONDA who was a senior vassal of the Kaga Domain; a daughter became the wife of Yoshimasa TODO who was a senior vassal of Tsu Domain; a daughter became a concubine of Akiyoshi ICHIJO; and a daughter became the wife of Suenobu SENSHU who was Atsuta Daiguji (the highest priest serving at Atsuta Shrine in Owari Province).

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