Konoe Tsuneie (近衛経家)

Tsuneie KONOE (1332 - 1389) was a kugyo (top court official) who lived in the Muromachi period. His father was Tsunetada KONOE. His mother was a daughter of Iesada KAZANIN. He was awarded the rank of Jusani (Junior Third Rank). He did not become Sangi (a councilor). He called himself Fukuonji.

Brief personal history

In 1332, he was born as a son of Tsunetada KONOE. On December 26, 1347, he was awarded Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank). He assumed Naidaijin (minister of the Interior) (1359 - 1360) and Sekkan (regent or the top adviser to the emperor) (1365 - 1369). He died in 1389.

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