Hirohashi Yoriuke (広橋頼資)

Yorisuke HIROHASHI (1182 - April 7, 1236) was Kugyo (a court noble) during the early Kamakura period.
He was the fifth son of Gon Chunagon FUJIWARA no Kanemitsu (a provisional vice-council of state), and his mother was a daughter of hoin (the highest rank in the hierarchy of Buddhist priests) Inkei (sculptor of Buddha statues in the late Heian period) or Insho (sculptor of Buddha statues in the early Kamakura period)
He is said to have succeeded to Minbukyo Fujiwara no Mitsunori. He was the founder of the Hirose family. He was also referred to as Yotsuji, or Kadenokoji.

He was familiar with Confucianism, and kept the close relationship with the Konoe family. He was appointed to Sangi (Councilor of Imperial government) on January 27, 1225, and he was further promoted to Gon Chunagonand in the next year. On December 17, 1235, he entered into priesthood and passed away in the following year. He was such a fervent adherent of Kumano faith (Kumano was believed to be a dwelling place of the gods) that he made more than twenty pilgrimages to Kumano shrines in either official and private visits, and particularly his pilgrimages done in 1210, in 1216, and in 1229 were recounted in his diary, "Dairy of Lord Yorisuke."

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