Hino Yoshisuke (日野義資)

Yoshisuke HINO (1397 - July 24, 1434) was a man who lived in the Muromachi period. A court noble. He was the 22nd family head of the Hino family of the Northern House of the Fujiwara clan. He was the third son of Shigemitsu HINO, the 21st family head. He was Shosanmi (Senior Third Rank) Gon Dainagon (a provisional chief councilor of state).

When his genpuku (celebration of one's coming of age) took place on December 27, 1407 at Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA's Kitayama-dai (Kitayama residence, a second home), Yoshimitsu personally granted Yoshisuke to use a portion of his name, "Yoshi," as an eboshioya (a person who puts an eboshi (cap) on the relevant person in a genpuku ceremony). This was because Yoshisuke was a nephew of Yoshimitsu's lawful wife, Yasuko HINO, but being granted a part of the name of the superior meant an exceptional treatment at that time.

When Yoshinori ASHIKAGA was named the 6th Shogun, Yoshisuke offered his residence, Uramatsu to Yoshinori, as gozasho (a room for a noble person). Further, he consulted with Yoshimochi ASHIKAGA's wife, Eishi HINO, and made his younger sister, Muneko HINO, Yoshinori's lawful wife. However, once Yoshinori became a Shogun, Yoshisuke was ordered to shut himself up in his house, in addition to having two of his territories being confiscated, for allegedly having been disloyal to Yoshinori while Yoshinori was in Shorenin Monzeki Temple. Muneko HINO, who became Shogun's wife, did not get along with Yoshinori and was divorced around 1431. Later, Yoshisuke's another younger sister, Shigeko HINO, became Yoshinori's concubine.

When Shigeko gave birth to Yoshinori's legitimate child, Yoshikatsu ASHIKAGA, people came, one after another in celebration, to the residence of Yoshisuke who was confined to his house. However, Yoshinori was enraged by this and punished everyone who visited Yoshisuke's residence. Then on July 24, 1434, Yoshisuke was murdered by someone and had his head taken away. The murderer was never caught, and there was a rumor from back then that Yoshinori ordered the killing. Nakafuji TAKAKURA, Sangi (Councilor), who spread the rumor, was exiled to Io-jima Island (in present-day Kagoshima Prefecture).

At the same time, Shigemasa HINO, who was Yoshisuke's legitimate son and took over as head of the family, had his territories confiscated and became a priest, and thus the Hino family declined temporarily.

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