Ashikaga Yoshizumi (足利義澄)

Yoshizumi ASHIKAGA is the 11th Seii Taishogun of the Muromachi Shogunate (held the position from 1493 to 1508).

His father is Masatomo ASHIKAGA, the Horikoshi Kubo, a younger brother of the 8th Shogun, Yoshimasa ASHIKAGA. His mother is the daughter of Takamitsu MUSYANOKOJI, the Gondainagon. His name as a priest was Seiko, and after he returned to secular life, was named Yoshito, then Yoshitaka, and finally Yoshizumi. He became an adopted son of Yoshimasa. His official wife is Anyou-in Temple, the daughter of Nagatoshi HINO. Yoshiharu ASHIKAGA and Yoshitsuna ASHIKAGA are his children.

When Yoshitane ASHIKAGA, the 10th Shogun, was banished by Masamoto HOSOKAWA, Yoshizumi was favored to become the 11th Shogun. However, when Yoshioki OUCHI, a supporter of the previous Shogun Yoshitane, raised an army in 1508 to advance to Kyoto, Yoshizumi fled to Oumi Province and was removed from the position as the Shogun; he died without returning to the position [of Shogun].

His life

He was born on December 15, 1480 as a child of Masatomo ASHIKAGA, the Horikoshi Kubo. Initially became a priest in Tenryu-ji Temple, but later became an adopted son of his uncle, Yoshimasa ASHIKAGA. He was favored to become the next Shogun by Masamoto HOSOKAWA, the Kanrei, and Tomiko HINO who banished Yoshitane ASHIKAGA (Yoshitane) in Meio Coup of 1493; he was installed as the 11th Shogun. However, the actual power was held by people such as Masamoto HOSOKAWA and Tomiko HINO.

After Masamoto was assassinated in 1507 an internal dispute regarding the HOSOKAWA (KEICHO) family's heir (Eisho Trouble) erupted; in April of the following year, 1508, upon hearing that the OUCHI army supporting the former Shogun Yoshitada (formerly named Yoshiki) was advancing to Kyoto Yoshizumi escaped to Kuchikidani seeking support from Takayori ROKKAKU of Oumi, and he escaped further to Okayama in Gamou-gun. In July, Yoshizumi was removed from the position as the Shogun, and Yoshitane (formerly named Yoshitada) returned to the position as the Shogun.

He later tried to regain power by having Sumimoto HOSOKAWA and the faterh-and-son team Yukinaga and Nagahide MIYOSHI to invade Kyoto, but they were defeated each time by Takakuni HOSOKAWA and Yoshioki OUCHI. He also plotted an assasination of Yoshitane, but he failed. By the order of Yoshitane Oumi Province was invaded by Takakuni, Yoshioki and others in 1510, but Yoshizumi won with the army formed by warriors of Oumi Province. He made further attempts to reinstate himself as the Shogun by sending private letters to Chikaharu OTOMO of Bungo Province and Yoshimura AKAMATSU of Harima Province.

However, on August 14, 1511, he died of an illness in Okayama, Oumi Province just before the final battle with Yoshitane, Takakuni and Yoshioki (Funaokayama Battle). He died at the age of 32.

There is a portrait (wooden statue) of Yoshizumi in Toji-in Temple of Kita-ku, Kyoto city.

History of Government Posts and Court Ranks and Honors awarded

*Dates=Lunar Calendar
He was given the court rank of Jyu Goi-ge on April 28, 1493. He used the name Yoshitou at the time (he changed his name to Yoshitaka in June).

On November 24, 1494, he was given the court rank of Sho Goi-ge and was appointed to the post of Samanokami. On December 27, was appointed as Seii Taishogun by the Emperor.

On July 12, 1502, his court rank advanced to Jyu Shii-ge, and he was appointed to the post of Sangi. He also held the position of Sakonoechujyo. On July 21, he changed his name to Yoshizumi.

On January 14, 1503, his court rank advanced to Jyu Sanmi. His appointment to Sangi and Sakonoechujyo remained unchanged [eventhough his court rank was advanced].

On April 16, 1508, he resigned from his positions of Seii Taishogun, Sangi and Sakonoechujyo.

He died on August 14, 1511. On August 12, 1521, he was [posthumously] awarded the rank of Jyu Ichii, Sadaijin. On September 12, 1533, he was further awarded the rank of Daijyodaijin.

People given a kanji character from Yoshizumi's name in their names.


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