Higashiyama-sanjo Station (東山三条駅)

Higashiyama-sanjo Station, located in Furukawa-cho, Sanjoyamato-oji Kudaru, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City, was a stop on the Keihan Keishin Line operated by the Keihan Electric Railway Co., Ltd. The station was abandoned when the section between Sanjo Station (Kyoto Prefecture) and Misasagi Station on the Keishin Line ceased operations due to the opening of the Tozai Line, Kyoto Municipal Subway Line, in 1997.


Higashiyama-sanjo Station was a stop provided on Sanjo-dori Street (the old National Route 1). Only local trains would stop at Higashiyama-sanjo Station, because the facility was adapted only to cars having steps; express trains (discontinued in 1981) and sub-express trains would bypass the station.

Opposing platforms were located to the east of Higashioji-dori Street, which runs in the south-north direction.

Until September 1978, the Keishin Line would cross at grade with the Higashiyama Line of the Kyoto City Trams, which would run on Higashiyama-dori Street, and Higashiyama-sanjo Station served as a transfer station to Higashiyama-sanjo Station of the Kyoto City Trams. During World War II, a connecting line was provided between the Keishin Line and the Higashiyama Line, where freight trains for night-soil transportation entered the Keishin Line from the line of the Kyoto City Trams during and after the war. This connecting line was later removed.


August 15, 1912: The facility opened as Furukawacho Station when the Keishin Electric Tramway was opened.

January 7, 1950: A safety zone was provided on the inbound platform.

November 25, 1950: The station was renamed as Higashiyama-sanjo Station.

October 12, 1997: The station was abandoned.

Adjacent stations

Keihan Electric Railway

Keishin Line

Sanjo Station (Kyoto Prefecture) - Higashiyama-sanjo Station - (Heianjingu-mae Station - Okazaki-michi Station) - Keage Station (Keihan)

Connecting rail lines

Kyoto City Trams, Higashiyama Line: The station had been called 'Higashiyama-sanjo' since its opening on December 25, 1912.

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