Kasagi Station (笠置駅)

Located in Kasagi-cho, Soraku-gun, Kyoto Prefecture, Kasagi Station is a stop on the Kansai Main Line, which is operated by the West Japan Railway Company (JR West).

The ICOCA and J-Through cards and, due to a reciprocal agreement, East Japan Railway Company's Suica card and SURUTTO KANSAI ASSOCIATION's PiTaPa card are not valid in the area to the east of the station.

Each station on the Kansai Main Line section between this station and Seki Station (Mie Prefecture) is under the control of the Kameyama Railways Department, Osaka Branch Office, West Japan Railway Company. Stations from neighboring Kamo Station onwards are under the direct control of the Osaka Branch Office.

Station layout

Kasagi Station is an aboveground station with a single island platform serving two tracks.

There used to be another railway for freight trains to the side of the station building. Some trains used to leave Kasagi Station for Nara. During tourist seasons, the (Semi-) Express 'Kasuga' used to stop at this station on a temporary basis. In the Japan National Railways era, the Express 'Yamato' from Tokyo used to pass this station, and the length of the platform, which was designed for 8-car trains, is a reminder of the glory days of the old main line era. The platform foundation is a stone structure built when Kansei Railway Company owned the station. The bridge, main station building and waiting room still retain their appearance from the Kansei Railway era, making Kasagi a picturesque and valuable station.

The station building and the platform are connected by a bridge. The station is unattended early in the morning and at night. There are some coin-operated lockers.


Kasagi Onsen (hot spring)

Kasagi Post Office

Kyoto Prefecture Kasagiyama Nature Park (Kasagiyama Shizen Koen)

To the southeast of the station lies Mt. Kasagi-yama (Kyoto Prefecture), where Tsubakimoto-jinja Shrine and the site of Emperor Godaigo Anzaisho's lodge are located.

The Kansai Main Line runs along the south bank of Kizu-gawa River (Kyoto Prefecture) and National Highway 163 runs along its north bank. Kasagi Town Hall and Kasagi Elementary School are located on the north bank of the river, and the Kasagi-Ohashi Bridge (Kyoto and Nara prefectural road No.4, Kasagi Yamazoe Route) connects the north and south sides.


November 11, 1897: Opened as a station (general rail station) of Kansei Railway Company when service between Iga-Ueno Station and Kamo Station (Kyoto Prefecture) commenced.

October 1, 1907: Kansei Railway Company nationalized in compliance with Railway Nationalization Act.

October 12, 1909: Name of line changed to Kansai Main Line.

October 1, 1962: Freight services discontinued (changed to passenger-only station).

April 1, 1987: Following division and privatization of JNR, ownership passed to West Japan Railway Company.

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