Kizugawadai Station (木津川台駅)

Kizugawadai Station, located at 10-2, Takahi, Haze, Kizugawa City, Kyoto Prefecture, is a railway facility on the Kintetsu Kyoto Line of Kintetsu Corporation.

The station's construction followed the development of the Kizugawa residential area on the west side of the hill.

Station layout

It's an over-track station equipped with two separate platforms serving two tracks between them. Only local trains stop at the station, and the platforms accommodate six-car trains. It has two entrances/exits: one on the east side and the other on the west. It has only one ticket gate.

The automatic ticket gate was manufactured by Toshiba. A red-colored automatic ticket gate (EG-2000) has the two-ticket processing function at the outgoing ticket usage check, and it accepts PiTaPa and ICOCA.

Passenger use

According to a survey conducted on November 8, 2005, the number of users was 2,136.

This is the 191st position out of all the stations of the Kintetsu Railway targeted by the survey (323 as of the survey date).

It ranks twenty-fifth out of all the stations on the Kyoto Line (26, including Yamato-Saidaiji Station).

It ranks twenty-second out of all the Kintetsu Railway stations within Kyoto City (23 stations).

The principle users are local residents such as those living in the Kizugawadai residential area.

Station surroundings

The Kintetsu Kizugawadai residential area
Kinsho Store (Harves)
Kyoto Prefectural Route 22: Yawata-Kizu Line

The vicinity is dotted with agricultural fields, while the station square has nothing special but a small driveway apron.

Because the Katamachi Line runs in parallel along the west side of the station, the direct road toward the residential area is narrow, which goes along the riverside and under the Katamachi Line. This might be why no bus service is available to the residential area. Moreover, the Katamachi Line has no station in the vicinity.

This is a station constructed in a newly developed town, and its building is visible throughout the community. This station has a very complicated history. First, the residential area surrounding the station was developed by Kintetsu Real Estate Co., Ltd., and among the people who purchased their houses there are those who bought them because 'a station was to be constructed' in the area. However, it took more than a decade to construct the station, and Kintetsu Real Estate was fiercely criticized. On the other hand, since the town wanted to remain as a 'rural area,' on the former Kizu-cho side there were objections to the construction of a station even before the development was started. Kinsho Store is a longtime business, and recently it was relocated to a site just a few feet away. Moreover, the site of the former Kinsho Store is now occupied by a office of Risona Bank (formerly Nara Bank).


September 21, 1994: The station was inaugurated.

April 1, 2007: PiTaPa became accepted at the station.

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