Momoyama-Minamiguchi Station (桃山南口駅)

Momoyama-Minamiguchi Station, located in Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, is a stop on the Keihan Uji Line, which is operated by Keihan Electric Railway.

Station layout

It is located on the ground level, with two platforms serving two tracks between them. A ticket gate is provided independently for each of the inbound trains and the outbound trains, but one can't move between the two platforms inside the ticket gates (in around 1978, with a railroad crossing provided within the premises, a ticket gate was provided only on the side of the platform for the trains for Uji, and a temporary ticket gate for the platform for Chushojima was provided only in the morning). Both of ticket gates are located on the Uji side, and the one for the trains for Uji is manned all day (the other for Chushojima is manned only in the morning).

* Each platform length is sufficient to accommodate a five-car train. No track number is displayed.

Station surroundings

Fushimi-Momoyama-no-Misasagi (mausoleum) (the mausoleum of the Emperor Meiji)
The Kyoto Momoyama Minamiguchi post office
Kyoto Tachibana Junior High School and High School
Rakuyo Daini Kindergarten
Sensho-ji Temple (belonging to Nichiren Shoshu sect)
Kyoto Prefectural Route 7: Kyoto-Uji Line


June 1, 1913: It went into operation as Goryomae Station.

October 1, 1943: The companies concerned merged, and this station became a facility of Keihanshin Express Electric Railway (Hankyu Corporation).

September 15, 1945: The use of this station was suspended to prevent an occurrence of transportation disruption.

February 15, 1946: It became operational again.

November 25, 1949: Its name was changed to Momoyama-Minamiguchi Station.

December 1, 1949: Due to a separation of the company, this station became a facility of Keihan Electric Railway.

March, 1981: The work of revitalizing the station house was completed.

Passenger use

This station is used by many people because it's located near to the public corporation-run Momoyama-danchi housing complex and other residential areas.

Adjacent stations

Keihan Electric Railway
Uji Line
Kangetsukyo Station - Momoyama-Minamiguchi Station - Rokujizo Station

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