Mototanaka Station (元田中駅)

Mototanaka Station, located in Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, is a railway stop on the Eizan Main Line, which is operated by the Eizan Electric Railway Co., Ltd. (Eiden).

Station layout

Mototanaka Station is an unmanned stop having two side platforms in a staggered array, serving two tracks. An automatic ticket vending machine is found only on the platform at which the train bound for Demachiyanagi Station stops, and the machine operates from 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Each platform has a shed, whose length is roughly equal to that of a train car.

Formerly there was a grade crossing between the Eizan Main Line and Kyoto City Trams, and its existence is indicated by the two platforms that lie separate from one another across Higashioji-dori Street; the platform for the outbound train is in the west end, while the platform for the inbound train is in the east end.

Neither platform is barrier-free. There are only steps from the track level to the platform level (please refer to the image), so disabled persons--including those in wheelchairs--must be assisted when using the steps.

Station surroundings

Higashioji-dori Street runs across the track of the Eizan Main Line. Kyoto University and other facilities are located near to the station, so on Higashioji-dori Street there are restaurants for students and shops designed to serve the needs of people from adjoining neighborhoods.

Tanaka-jinja Shrine

The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics

Matsumoto Shoten (Matsumoto Store): A consignment store for booklets of Eiden coupon tickets

Bus stops

Eiden Mototanaka (on Higashioji-dori Street, next to Mototanaka Station)

Kyoto City Bus
For the south
Route 31: For Gion/Shijo Karasuma
Route 65: For Karasuma Marutamachi/Shijo Karasuma
Route 206: For Higashiyama Nanajo/Kyoto Station

For the north
Route 3 (only the shuttle service that arrives at and departs from Kamihate-cho): For Kamihate-cho, Kyoto Zokei University (Kyoto University of Art and Design)
Route 31: For Takano/Iwakura
Route 65: For Kamihate-cho Kyoto Zokei University (Kyoto University of Art and Design)/Shugakuin/Iwakura
Route 206: For Takano/Kitaoji Station/Senbon Kitaoji/Kyoto Station


September 27, 1925: Mototanaka Station opened as a stop of Kyoto Dento. The location was hundreds of meters westward from the present station building.

March 2, 1942: Mototanaka Station became a stop of Keifuku Electric Railroad Co., Ltd., due to the transfer of operations.

July 10, 1943: Kyoto City Trams' Higashiyama Line extended its track, reopened its operation and set up the Eiden-mae stop; additionally, the Eiden-mae stop of Kyoto City Bus was located in front of Demachiyanagi Station. By then, with the opening of Higashioji-dori Street, the station building was moved to the present location. With special permission, an intersection was established between the track of the Eizan Main Line and Higashioji-dori Street at this station.

December 11, 1949: Kyoto City Trams' Higashiyama Line began its connection with the Eizan Main Line at Takaragaike Station. This connection was for the transport of passengers going to the city's bicycle racetrack near to Takaragaike Station, so the connection was made only on the race date.

September 1, 1955: Kyoto City Trams' Higashiyama Line ended its connection with the Eiden Main Line. Even after the connection was ended, the crossover between the two lines remained for a long time.

October 1, 1978: Kyoto City Trams ceased operation. The intersection between the Eizan Main Line and Higashioji-dori Street was converted to a railway crossing. With the track of Kyoto City Trams removed afterward, the remains of the crossover were also dismantled completely.

April 1, 1986: The station became a stop of the Eizan Electric Railway Co., Ltd., due to the transfer of operations.

Adjacent stations

Eizan Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Eizan Main Line
Demachiyanagi Station - Mototanaka Station - Chayama Station (Kyoto Prefecture)

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