Tango-Yura Station (丹後由良駅)

Tango-Yura Station, located in Yura, Miyazu City, Kyoto Prefecture, is a stop on the Miyazu Line, which is operated by Kitakinki Tango Railway (KTR).

Station layout
Situated on the ground level, it has two separate platforms with two tracks served between them. The station house, which is designed to suggest a sail, is impressive.

Passenger use
In fiscal year 2006 the average daily number of boarders at this station was 121.
(According to the Kyoto Prefecture Statistics Report)

With sea-bathing beaches located nearby, this station is thronged particularly with beachgoers in the summer season. Normally, users of this station, who are mostly students and shoppers, use it to go to Maizuru City because the area around the station effectively belongs to the city area of Maizuru.

Station surroundings
National Route 178
Nagu Coast
Tango-Yura Beach
Anju-no-sato Momiji Park (the maple park in the village of Princess Anju)
The Yura branch of the Amanohashidate Tourist Association
The Yura branch office of the Kyoto Hokuto Credit Association
The Yura post office
Miyazu Municipal Elementary School
Yura-so inn Kokumin-shukusha (literally, people's hotel facilities): An inexpensive inn/hotel operated by the local government
The estuary of the Yura-gawa River

April 12, 1923: The station began operating when Japanese National Railways started running the portion between Maizuru (the present-day Nishi-Maizuru) and Miyazu on its Mineyama Line.

August 10, 1932: The railway line was renamed as the Miyazu Line, and it became a station on the Miyazu Line of the Japan National Railways.

April 1, 1987: Due to the division and privatization of Japan National Railways, it became a station of West Japan Railway Company (JR West).

April 1, 1990: The Miyazu Line was transferred to Kitakinki Tango Railway, and it became a station of that railway company.

Adjacent stations
Kitakinki Tango Railway (KTR)
Miyazu Line
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