The Sanjyo-Keihan Station (三条京阪駅)


Located in the Higashiyama Ward of Kyoto City, Sanjyo-Keihan Station is a stop on the Tozai Line, a Kyoto Municipal Subway Line. The station number is T11.

Connecting lines

The Keihan Electric Railway

Keihan Main Line and Keihan Oto Line in Sanjyo Station (in Kyoto Prefecture)

An underground concourse outside its ticket gate connects Sanjyo-Keihan Station to Sanjyo Station.

Station layout

The platform is located on the fourth underground level, as are the platforms of other stations on the Tozai Line. Equipped with safety measures, the platform is what is known as an 'Island Platform,' which is a single platform between double tracks (one platform serving two tracks that run in opposite directions).

Each station on the Tozai Line has its own color, and the color used at Sanjyo-Keihan Station is scarlet tinged with purple.

Station surroundings

Refer to Sanjyo-Keihan for details on the station's surroundings, including the location of the bus station.

The name

Kyoto City Bus and other public transport firms have been calling this spot "Sanjyo-Keihan" since before the subway line was opened. The municipal subway chose to use the name Sanjyo-Keihan because Keihan was the name of another railway company and there was already a station named Sanjyo in Kyoto prefecture.

The history

The station opened on October 12, 1997, when the Tozai Line began operating between Daigo Station and Nijyo Station.

On April 1, 2007, PiTaPa card was made available.

The others

The station facilities were built by Historical Corporation of Tozai Line of Kyoto Municipal Subway Lines, a third sector company.

The Keihan Keishin Line uses the same tracks as the Tozai Line. They originally planned to share the tracks to this station because the Keihan Keishin Line ran between Misasagi Station and this station, which was above ground at the time. However, as they were unable to secure enough space around this area for a turnaround, the Keihan Keishin Line decided to extend the shared section to the next station, Kyoto Shiyakusyo-mae, when Sanjyo-Keihan Station was opened. (They later extended the shared section even further to Uzumasa Tenjingawa Station when the Tozai Line was extended to that station in 2008.)

The neighboring stations

The Kyoto Municipal Subway Line

The Tozai Line

Higashiyama Station (station number: T10), owned and controlled by Kyoto Prefecture---Sanjyo-Keihan Station (station number: T11)---Kyoto Shiyakusyo-mae Station (station number: T12)

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