Wachi Station (和知駅)

Wachi Station, located at 19-1 Honjo Baba, Kyotanba-cho, Funai-gun, Kyoto Prefecture, is a stop on the Sanin Main Line of the West Japan Railway Company (JR West).

The following limited express trains stop at this station during the commuter rush hours in the morning and early evening:

Inbound train: Limited Express 'Tanba' No. 2 and No. 4, 'Hashidate' No. 2, 'Maizuru' No. 2
Outbound train: Limited Express 'Tanba' No. 7 and No. 9, 'Maizuru' No. 11

Station layout
The above-ground station employs a variety of platform types (single type and island type) serving three tracks with facilities that allow trains running in opposite directions to pass each other. It is an outsourced station with a station kiosk. The station house is on the side of the single platform of track No. 1 and connected by an overpass to the island-type platform of tracks nos. 2 and 3.

Each platform is used for one direction, which is rare among the stations between Sonobe Station and Ayabe Station on the Sanin Main Line.

The crews' offices of the municipal bus services and Kyoto Taxi are on the left side at the front of the station house.

Passenger use
According to research conducted in fiscal year 2006, the station was used by approximately 195 people each day. In fiscal year 2005, the daily usage figure was 202.
(according to the Kyoto Prefecture Statistics Report)

Station surroundings
The Wachi branch office of Kyotanba Town Hall (formerly the Wachi Town Hall)
The Wachi post office
The Wachi Branch of Kyoto Hokuto Shinkin Bank
National Route 27
Yura-gawa River

The Kyotanba municipal bus stop is at the station plaza, and there are four routes. The Nantan city bus runs to the station directly during the morning, noon and evening (bound for Miyama Shizuhara).

August 25, 1910: The station opened as a facility of Japan National Railways (JNR). Transportation services for passengers and freight was initiated.

March 26, 1973: Freight service ceased.

April 1, 1987: The station became part of the West Japan Railway Company (JR West) due to the division and privatization of JNR.

Adjacent stations
* For details on the stations of the limited express trains 'Tanba,' 'Hashidate (inbound only)' and 'Maizuru,' which stop at this station, refer to the articles about those trains.

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