Chiekoin-dori Street (智恵光院通)

Chiekoin-dori Street is a street running north-south through Kyoto City. The street runs between Omiya-dori and Senbon-dori Street, from the front of Daitoku-ji Temple on Kitaoji-dori Street in the north, to the edge of a moat on the northern side of Nijo-jo Catsle which is on Takeyamachi-dori Street in the south. On the way, it turns to Teranouchi-dori Street and Marutamachi-dori Street. Also there is a section on the south side of Shimodachiuri-dori Street about 25-30 m long which switches back and forth between being north-west to south-east. Yashiro-dori Street runs south from Oike-dori Street on the southern extension, while Mibugawa-dori Street (Mibu-dori Street) is located even further south.

The narrow street runs into a residential area is located further north from Teranouchi-dori Street, where there are two driveways with sidewalks on both sides from Teranouchi-dori Street to Marutamachi-dori Street, with relatively low traffic.

The route between Teranouchi and Marutamachi was established as a part of the route for the Kyoto City Bus 25 series until January 27, 1964, and was also the route between Imadegawa and Marutamachi which was established until March 29, 1981 when the series was abolished.

The name of street came from Chieko-in Temple which is located in Ichijo-dori agaru.

Main Temples and Facilities Located Roadside

Daitoku-ji Temple: Kitaoji
Ichiidani Nanano-jinja Shrine: Kamigoryomae-dori Street higashi-iru
Uho-in Temple: Kamidachiuri-dori Street nishi-iru
Honryu-ji Temple: Kamidachiuri-sagaru
Kadode Hachimangu Shrine: Imadegawa-agaru
Chieko-in Temple: Ichijo-agaru
NHK Kyoto Broadcasting Station: Ikuhokita-dori Street (Marutamachi-sagaru)
Kyoto City Waterworks Bureau, North Management Offie: Ikuhorikita-dori Street higashi-iru
Kyoto City Waterworks Bureau, Marutamachi Service Office: same as above
The north gate of Nijo-jo Castle (not used): Takeyamachi-dori Street

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